Welcome to The Female Future Institute; a community that supports women, created with the intention of service, and founded with a bold vision – for women to thrive in a world where men and women are equal.

The World Economic Forum forecasts it will take 80 years to achieve equality in the workplace and government. I ask “Why wait that long?”

One of my goals is to encourage leaders (men and women) to embrace disruptive thinking so we can deliver transformational change in this very important area.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and I welcome both men and women to support the female future.




The Female Future Institute’s mission is to empower, educate and inspire women to master their own destinies and achieve the success they dream of, as they define it, in all aspects of their lives.


"Thank you Anna for allowing me the gift of space and precious time. It is so rare to meet someone who listens without judgement. I am amazed at how comfortable I’ve been able to be in your presence to face the challenges within me - you’ve helped me set them free!! As a mum, wife, and business owner I had put my own needs last for quite some time. I am ever so grateful for allowing myself the gift of one hour sessions with you. I am thoroughly enjoying our sessions together, and am truly amazed at how quickly transformation has occurred as result of your fun, quirky, and simple techniques – remarkable and unforgettable. The ripple effects are astounding and have helped me to see clearly the benefit of investing some time in me is not just for me."

− Trish Keeley

"Through Anna's coaching and guidance I have been empowered to address issues and challenge beliefs that were holding me back.

Anna has been instrumental in my emotional development and has helped arm me with practical solutions to move forward.

Having utilised various other services I have found Anna's coaching style incredibly beneficial and am amazed at the results. In areas I have struggled to progress with, I have overcome with Anna's continual support.

Each week Anna and I have uncovered areas that weren't serving me. We have challenged these and identified new beliefs I have been able to work on. Practical techniques have been easy to implement. Anna has held me accountable and I feel truly passionate and proud at how far I have come.

− Moana McRae

"(Anna’s workshop) gave us the opportunity to reconnect with truths that are imperative to more productive and positive personal & work environments. I can really see the benefit in getting Anna to help everyone to develop their potential."

− Tammy Morgan, Group Account Director

"When I first contacted Anna I was looking for a female business mentor. Working remotely I had a habit of procrastinating and felt I needed guidance to break a cycle. I was also looking for an objective sounding board. The first time we meet via Skype, I had a delicate decision to make regarding my work direction, as well as handling a marriage separation. I'm a working mother of twins living in a foreign country. After a 5 year absence from the work place, I had what seemed like hard choices to make.

The beauty of what Anna is doing, is she asks the right questions allowing you to discover your own answers. Then, from your answers we would look at a plan to implement change and thus move forward. When I needed to speak about my personal life, I felt very comfortable discussing some delicate issues and never felt judged or that advice was being given but was offered a means to find my own strength and answers.
Anna is professional but caring, knowledgeable but not condescending and she has always shown a deep spiritually and strength that I feel she would like to bring out in all women. Thank you."

− Hazel Walker

"On the morning of running my workshop, I got completely overwhelmed by fear and thought I wouldn't be able to go through with it. I heard Anna was trained in phobia busts so I contacted her. It was amazing, not only did my fear get to a manageable level to run the workshop, I also felt confident and calm about doing it to. I have another one next week and thanks to Anna she has given me the tools to be able to move forward with my dream and not let emotions stop me. Thank you so much Anna, it was a privilege working with you."

− Leanne Zecchinati - Personal Development Coach

"I came to Anna for help with an issue that had been with me for a long time. I felt totally safe and supported during the session and was able to gain new insights and much needed clarity. Straight after the session I felt a sense of relief and the positive changes continue as I follow the plan of action we developed. I am so grateful to Anna for helping me to achieve the positive results I am now experiencing."

− Julie-Anne Rose

"I was fortunate to have Anna as an insightful coach who was able to facilitate the process of my transformation. Asking quality questions which enabled me to identify areas that were essential to moving me forward. We were able to arrive at outstanding outcomes which has resulted in my being at peace in continuing the process of transformation to be a better man living his purpose. Anna is an excellent coach who brings compassion and curiosity to our sessions and would most definitely help people reach their desired outcomes."

− Chukwudi Ogoh

"People like Anna McCarthy not only change a person's life, they advance humanity. I can highly recommend Anna for your next group inspirational speaker and/or group coach."

− Julia Keady - Director, XFactor Consulting Group

"Anna's presentation was insightful and real food for thought. We need more of this positive and inspirational input in our lives!!"

− Priscilla Sonogan

"(Anna’s workshop) really inspired me to think about my inner self and how to cope with stressful situations. I now feel I can put this into my personal and professional life."

− Abi Bennett, Account Manager

"Anna is an absolute inspiration full of examples how one can be happy, content and live their life to the fullest."

− Beni Turkson - Nutritionist

"What a fantastic presentation of all things worthy of listening to and very easy to apply to our thoughts and every day life, to enhance our well being and state of happiness. "

− Sandi German - CHAKRA Events Proprietor & Kinesiologist

"I thought (Anna's presentation) was a wonderful overview. Thought provoking and I could have listened to more for hours. Very insightful, inspirational and relevant. Thank you!"

− Marie Popple - Supply Chain Analyst

"Anna spoke so well, making me very proud of this former Star of the Sea girl! It was very insightful and beautifully presented."

− Amanda Buxton